IPOS Symposium 2017: Nanophotonics and Nanofabrication

The IPOS symposium is a multidisciplinary forum which focuses on photonics research related to various fields such as energy, security, information and medicine. It is an interdisciplinary event for collaboration and learning among top researchers in all field related to nano- and micro-scale materials, fabrication and technologies, specifically driven by photonics research. This event serves as the de facto annual meeting of the Sydney photonics research community and industry. It will include oral and poster presentations.

This symposium will promote a specific theme – Nanophotonics and Nanofabrication. Nanophotonics today is one of the most promising platforms for signal processing, quantum information technologies, fast, compact and low power consumption devices. The conference aims to explore the different techniques and technologies available to achieve high resolution, high quality and cost-effective Nanophotonics devices. This event is sponsored by the NSW Department of Industry | Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer, co-sponsored by Lastek, and supported by the University of Sydney Nano Institute and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS).