Nanophotonics 2018 - The next Frontier

Recent experimental, theoretical and computational advances have enabled the design and realization of nanostructured materials with novel, complex and often unusual electromagnetic properties unattainable in natural materials. Such nanostructures are capable of localizing light fields into volumes orders of magnitude smaller than the diffraction limit of light. This provides unique opportunities to manipulate electromagnetic radiation over a broad range of frequencies, from the ultraviolet to microwave. This workshop is focused on optical processes of nano-structures and corresponding systems. The meeting scope covers both fundamental and applied nanophotonics with topics including metamaterials, plasmonics, 2D materials, nano- and micro-scale photonic waveguides, novel nonlinear materials and nonlinear quantum optics, as well as perovskite cells, metamaterials, photocatalysis, and fibre lasers.

Date and Venue: 6 and 7 March 2018, The Finkel Lecture Theatre and JCSMR Foyer, Australian National University, Canberra