Spiritual Care Australia 2019

Excellence in the provision of care

The SCA Best of Care Awards recognise and celebrate best practice and excellence in the provision of Spiritual Care and raise awareness of best practice within the Spiritual Care sector.

Spiritual care practitioners play a significant role in providing quality holistic care in many institutions such as hospitals, aged care services, prisons, disability services, and in local communities. The Best of Care Awards provides an opportunity to nominate an individual or a team for their contribution to spiritual care practice.

Nominations can be made in two categories:
  • Outstanding Spiritual Care Practitioner
  • Outstanding Spiritual Care Team
Who can be nominated?

An individual or a team may be nominated for an innovation in spiritual care practice OR for longterm excellence in spiritual care. Individual nominees must be SCA members; teams may be from an SCA member organisation or may have at least one SCA member in the team.

Nominees also must exemplify the SCA Standards of Practice and the SCA values:
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Excellence
Nominated individuals and groups should demonstrate that they adhere to the SCA Standards of Practice by:

1. Delivering care that promotes spiritual wellbeing and continuity of care.
2. Assessing, evaluating and responding to individuals’ spiritual care needs.
3. Collaborating with practitioners and other staff and volunteers involved in the care of the individual.
4. Being accountable to their larger organisation by complying with reporting requirements, policies and regulatory guidelines.
5. Demonstrating ethical practice and conduct
6. Modelling and promoting respect for human diversity in the provision of spiritual care.
7. Engaging in supervision, self-care, continuing education and quality improvement.

Please refer to the full Standards of Practice on the SCA Website About Us - Standards and Policies tab http://spiritualcareaustralia.org.au