Spiritual Care Australia 2019

“Setting your GPS”

Finding your way home from the 2019 Spiritual Care Australia Conference

Integrating all that has been offered and reflected on.

Continuing on the Journey of Spiritual Care.

Thank you for your willing presence, your wonderful engagement, your fruitful participation and your wholehearted integration of all the fantastic offerings in our 2019 Spiritual Care Australia Conference!

From the first Conversation with Michael Leunig to our final presentation of Lani Morris’s integration mechanism through The Map of Meaning we had a rich journey inviting our reflections and our considerations, our internal and experiential integration and our attendance to ourselves and to those around us.

The Key Note Speakers and Panels offered everyone who came so many entries into our practice: Saara invited us to attend to our own selves and our practice, to polish our heart, Dan invited us to attend to our ethics, George invited us to attend to our traumas and Lani offered a mechanism for our reflections on meaning and purpose.

Special thanks to Jennifer Greenham (SHA) and her panel with Dean and Robin Boroda, and to Jenni Wegener (Baptcare) and Jean Shannon (Uniting) for their participation in the panel spiritual care ethics.

The “Current Issues” addressed were by Louise (Safer Care Victoria) reflecting on the structures of Spiritual Care within Health and by Mary describing the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation that was enacted in Victoria on Wednesday.

You came from everywhere including across the seas (Tasmania and New Zealand) and across the deserts (WA and NT), you made sacrifices and huge efforts to join together, and you came with enthusiasm and curiosity.

You offered diversity through workshops and thank you for all those who led them and those who participated.

A big thank you to our sponsors of the Conference: Uniting, Spiritual Health Association, Calvary, UnitingCare, Meaningful Ageing Australia, Defence Force Recruiting, Morling College, ASACPEV, ANZACPE and the Islamic Council of Victoria.

And another big thank you to our venue: Catholic Leadership Centre.

And the biggest thank you to Jane, our Conference Organiser, Harriet our Executive Office and the wonderful committee: Annie, Christine, Lina, Luke; and to Michelle and the group who prepared morning rituals.

Thank you for coming to Marvellous Melbourne and enjoying our warm hospitality in the cold winter air!!

Look forward to seeing you all again next year from June 28 – 1 July 2020 at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, Sydney, Wahroonga, NSW.

Stephen Delbridge for the Victorian Conference Organising Committee