Due to the announcement of a National Day of Mourning on the third day of our conference, we have reworked the program and all other commitments.  We understand this will have implications for attendance and communication has been sent outlining the changes.  Please refer to the email that was sent out to all registered delegates for further instructions.  

Thank you for your kind messages of support, we are all in this together and the conference WILL go ahead.

FCVic Team

Welcome to the FCVic Conference 2022

Financial Counselling Victoria invites you to join us at the FCVic Conference 2022.

Conveniently located at the Pullman on the Park in Melbourne, the conference will take place 20, 21 & 22 September.

This three-day event aims to reconnect the Victorian Financial Counselling sector as we explore best practice pathways to collaborate with clients and industry across all sectors to support, educate and empower those doing it tough. Following a long hiatus and given the significant health and economic turmoil we experienced during 2020, 2021 and now 2022, we have adopted a revised conference theme of ‘Recovery. Resilience. Reconnection'.  

We are renewing the conference program to ensure currency in the trending themes.  The FCVic Conference is the premier financial counselling event in Victoria and over the course of three days will:

  • Deliver a program that is topical, engaging and highly interactive (visit the Program page for more information)
  • Engage expert speakers and session facilitators to build on current knowledge bases and extend thinking
  • Provide the platform to unite our growing membership base and support our new student members
  • Host a large number of exhibitors from all corners of the sector to ensure those critical coalface discussions and cross-sector ‘think-tank’ type conversations are given voice, and
  • Enjoy informal networking events as we reconnect and celebrate our sector champions

The Conference this year will be an opportunity to continue developing financial counselling as a profession which aims, ultimately, to empower people who are in hardship.

With significant unemployment and increasing poverty due to loss of the Jobseeker COVID supplement, we need to start thinking about people’s financial situations in public health terms. Financial public health means recognising that poverty, hardship and vulnerability affect individuals, families and communities and have to be seen as things that affect us all.

Our collective interest is best served by providing strong non-judgemental support to those in hardship, and by developing systems that reduce and eliminate people’s exposure to financial hardship and poverty. 

The FCVic Team looks forward to your company at the Pullman on the Park in Melbourne on the new dates.


Speakers, Facilitators & Panelists









The team at FCVic are working to bring you a great line up of expert speakers at the conference.  As we invite and confirm session and plenary speakers we will continue to add their details and bios.  

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