Since 2000, Latus has grown to become international thought leaders in Logistics Risk throughout Australia/NZ. Logistics risk is defined as logistics activities that impact brand, profit, operations or create litigation or regulatory breaches, including Chain of Responsibility, Health & Safety, Environmental, Essential Safety Measures.

Today we are called upon to advise Governments, assist organisations and companies & educate industry leaders.

Latus Risk is committed to being the leading logistics risk mitigator, providing:

  • advice
  • education
  • expert design
  • compliance solutions

Latus Risk is driven by its collaborative approach to project delivery and its diversity of skills and capabilities.

LATUS are the recognised Australian specialists in “Chain of Responsibility”.

Since CoR inception in 2003, right through to the latest versions of the CoR Act and subsequent changes, LATUS Risk has been at the forefront of advice, implementation and compliance to Governments, Associations and Businesses.

“If a body corporate commits a relevant heavy vehicle offence, each director of the body corporate, and each person concerned in the management of the body corporate, is deemed to have also committed the offence”.

Victoria Road Traffic Act Part 11 200

LATUS have:

  • Developed Chain of Responsibility Codes of Practice (CoP) for industry
  • Developed Industry Sector Standards (ISS) for industry;
  • Trained over 5000 people in Chain of Responsibility awareness and compliance;
  • Trained Chain of Responsibility Compliance Officers for Companies;
  • Implemented Chain of Responsibility systems and procedures;
  • Audited over 500 companies of all sizes for Chain of Responsibility risks;
  • Assisted in the Western Australia roll out of it new Chain of Responsibility legislation (note this differs in key areas from the national model legislation; and
  • Been the Court Appointed Expert Witness in cases involving Chain of Responsibility prosecutions.

In 2003 the National Transport Commission (NTC) introduced the Chain of Responsibility (COR) Legislation, a national legislation that focuses on road accidents involving commercial vehicles. CoR legislation relates to what impact or influence people in the Transport industry may have on the transportation of goods and the use of commercial vehicles.

In essence – anyone who has influence over transport within the supply chain can be deemed to be liable in the event of a road law breach.

In October 2018 these laws were further enhanced with some specific responsibilities and accountabilities for CEO’s. It is incumbent on CEO’s that they have taken “All Reasonably Practicable Steps” to Predict & Prevent a heavy vehicle breach.

One primary “Reasonably Practicable step" is for all businesses that work within a supply chain to have a system in place to manage their activities in that supply chain. This also extends to control and management of “inbound” and “outbound” transport activities. These management methods are often described as “Safety Management Systems”.

However, care must be taken with Safety Systems, in that they need to really work and not just “look good”. An example of a poor system was noted in court:

“In NSW a court held that the Policies and Procedures were such, that a driver could not reasonably have been expected to be able to understand them”.

If you work in a Supply Chain that transports anything by road, then CoR Legislation affects you, and are legally obligated to comply with it.

  • Do you engage a Transport company?
  • Do you work in Supply Chain?
  • Do you know how CoR affects you?
  • Do you understand the CoR legislation and the responsibilities all parties have?

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