Next Generation Talent

CUDOS' most promising PhD students and Early Career Researchers, our future global photonic leaders, will talk about the exciting research they are undertaking and the 'grand challenge' they are attempting to solve.

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Elena Goi [More Info]
How can we make a real photonic circuit without any scattering losses?
Moritz Merklein [More Info]
How can we store light?
Kai Wang [More Info]
How do we make cameras for imaging quantum light?
Michelle Whitford [More Info]
How can ancient glass artefacts help us understand modern optical materials?
Atiyeh Zarifi [More Info]
How can we make a hyper-sensitive temperature sensor using photonics?
Haoran Ren [More Info]
How do we dramatically boost the internet speed using a tiny chip?
Pan Ma [More Info]
How do we discriminate between and detect different biomedical substances at the molecular level?
Guanghui Ren [More Info]
How do we combine different optical materials in the one optical chip-sized circuit?
Alex Solntsev [More Info]
How do we build computers of the future using light?
Birgit Stiller [More Info]
How does light talk to sound?