Confirmed international and Australian invited speakers include:

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Professor Kenneth Crozier [More Info]
University of Melbourne
Professor Judith Dawes [More Info]
Macquarie University
Professor Martijn de Sterke [More Info]
The University of Sydney
A/Professor Daniel Gomez [More Info]
RMIT University
Professor Min Gu [More Info]
RMIT University
Professor Satoshi Kawata [More Info]
Osaka University, Japan
Dr Jiao Lin [More Info]
RMIT University
Professor Arnan Mitchell [More Info]
RMIT University
Professor Dragomir Neshev [More Info]
Australian National University
A/Professor Cheng-Wei Qiu [More Info]
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Professor Ann Roberts [More Info]
University of Melbourne
Dr Rachel Won [More Info]
Nature Publishing Group, UK
Professor Anatoly Zayats [More Info]
King’s College London, UK
Professor Yonggang Zhu [More Info]
Harbin Institute of Technology, China