As technology continues to advance rapidly, cyber threats also evolve in tandem. Canadians rely on the Internet for various activities, including financial transactions, social connections, medical appointments, and work-related tasks. Consequently, the expanding online presence of Canadians creates a greater potential for cyber threats to impact their daily lives. With an increasing amount of personal, business, and financial data accessible online, it becomes an attractive target for cyber threat actors. The interconnectedness of critical systems with the Internet further escalates the risk of service disruptions caused by cyber threats. Additionally, nation-states and cybercriminals continually enhance their cyber capabilities, heightening the likelihood of Canadian individuals and entities being affected by state-sponsored or financially motivated cyber threat activity.

The Cyber Security & Risk Management Roadshow 2023 aims to gather senior government Security executives, fostering discussions on how the Canadian government can effectively address the security needs of its citizens while capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the digital economy. The goal is to be prepared to Act, Adapt, and React to Cyber Threats.

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Workers Compensation Fundamentals

Workers compensation is one of the largest classes of insurance in Australia.

Our fundamental courses are for employers new to workers compensation or those wishing to improve their workers compensation knowledge.

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Return to Work (RTW)

A workplace injury can have a significant impact on both the worker and the employer. The return to work (RTW) process can trigger many questions and uncertainties for all parties involved.

Our courses will assist those responsible for the successful RTW of injured workers to remain at, or return to sustainable work after an injury in your workplace, and are certified medically fit to do so.

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Specialty Courses

Not all workers compensation claims are the same. Depending on the circumstances and the injuries sustained, there are different ways to achieve optimum outcomes.

Our specialty courses will help you to effectively manage a number of more complex workers compensation issues.

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Workplace Health and Safety/OHS

The active involvement of each individual in the workplace is essential for the success of any Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) management program.

Our WHS courses will help you better manage workplace risks and develop a 'safety culture' in your workplace.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Happier and healthier employees have been shown to be higher performing, more resilient and mindful.

Our mental health and wellbeing courses will assist you to gain the necessary skills and expertise to recognise, prevent and manage the mental health of your workers

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Masterclass Webinar Series

Our masterclass webinar series consists of a range of current and emerging business-focused topics to further enhance your skills and knowledge both personally and professionally.

Our masterclasses are one-off, special events, facilitated by subject matter experts. Anyone with a genuine interest in these subjects, regardless of their level of experience is welcome to register.

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