Hidden secrets of excel with practical applications to cattle practice | David Beggs

Monday 18 March | 10.30am - 3.30pm

The Back of House Meeting Room, The Cube, Wodonga

What you will learn:

Delve into the depths of Excel mastery with Dave Beggs, who has been harnessing the power of spreadsheets since 1984. Beyond the basics in Excel lies a treasure trove of hidden features and advanced functionalities that often elude the casual user and can revolutionise your approach to data management. This immersive workshop is designed for veterinarians already familiar with Excel but eager to elevate their data-handling skills, enhance the professionalism of their spreadsheets, and discover practical applications tailored specifically to the world of cattle practice. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of Excel for greater efficiency and productivity in your everyday tasks.

*Limited to 10 participants. Delegates will be required to bring their own laptop with Excel loaded.



Beefing up your repro advice | Alison Gunn

Monday 18 March | 9.00am - 4.00pm

Meeting Room, The Cube, Wodonga

What you will learn:

Take your beef practice beyond bull and pregnancy testing and learn how to add value for your clients and increase your return - Interactive workshop with case studies and data analysis. 

  • Understanding the beef market 
  • Helping your clients define their breeding objective and how to achieve it 
  • Beyond the hype – what to focus on when choosing a sire 
  • Analysing bull EBV data to help your client understand if they are buying what they want 


*Limited to 10 participants. Delegates will need laptops and an internet connection 

Milk harvesting science and machine milking performance for dairy veterinarians  | John Penry

Monday 18 March | 9.00am - 4.00pm

The Green Room, The Cube, Wodonga

What you will learn:

This workshop shall cover relevant aspects of milking physiology, general function of the milking machine, liner-teat interactions, milking performance and milking time diagnostic techniques. The workshop shall also cover current automated in-line mastitis diagnostics. The sessions are designed to be heavily interactive with demonstrations. This workshop has been previously delivered overseas. 

*Limited to 12 participants.