Melbourne has a unique character, making it a great place to visit. It is always one step ahead of other Australian cities, setting trends in food, entertainment, arts and culture.

The city has an unrivalled calendar of major events, progressive dining scene, hidden laneways and art spaces, and unique regional escapes are just a short drive away. 

Melbourne’s multicultural atmosphere is set amongst Victoria-era buildings and gorgeous parklands. The city centre is a buzzing commercial heart that’s also home to museums, theatres and galleries – all easily navigated via Melbourne’s iconic tram network.


From rooftop bars and cosmopolitan cafes to spectacular sporting events, it is a city that has made blending business with pleasure a sophisticated art form and a way of life.

Melbourne's airport has more than 300 international and over one thousand domestic arrivals per week, providing superb access from across Australia and the world. Integrated public transport and centrally located facilities combine to make Melbourne the perfect destination.