ITAC 2018
2016 Presentations
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Below are links to presentations which have been made available for attendees to access. Please click on the links to download pdf version of the presentation.

Disruptive business models in the aged care space
Peter Scutt, Founder, Better Caring

All industries are facing business model disruption. Better Caring is leading the charge in aged care services transformation and will demonstrate technology and workforce integration that disrupts the standard aged care business model.  
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Driving the Client Relationship Through Digital Engagement: Media & Mobile Health  
Dr Wen Dombrowski, International Social Media, Technology, Care Models Expert
Dr. Dombrowski is an internationally recognized expert in social media, technology, and new care models. Her presentation will address the use of social media and mobile health tools in the health and aged care space. She will be focusing on how an integrated digital strategy can help providers attract clients, communicate with carers, manage health, and innovate service models.  
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Stream 2 - Wen Dombrowski, International Social Media Specialist
Scalability of service provision through technology and social media with a specific focus health/agedcare. Wen will also look at getting to scale with specific examples of what has and has not worked well. How these case studies have impacted or are likely to impact service provision in the future.
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Delivering Personalised Care through Digital Transformation
Gabe Rijpma, Senior Director, Health and Social Services

In this presentation, Microsoft and Nexon Asia Pacific will highlight why aged care service providers should make quality care and service delivery their battlefield, as well as why and how to maximise the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics to enhance the quality of care, improve financial sustainability and achieve long-term patient-provider loyalty.
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Your health Your say: creating a digital health future for Australia
Teri Snowdon, General Manager, Australian Digital Health Agency

This presentation will outline the key clinical priorities of the Agency and how you can be involved in the development of the National Digital Health Strategy.
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Concurrent Session 1B - Business Improvement Through Technology
Screening your way to happy clients
Dr. Gavin Didsbury and Prashnitha Prakash, Psych Press

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Establishing the Foundations for a Digital Transformation and a Consumer Directed Approach: a case sudy 
Chris Sargent and Jenni Deslandes, Loaded Technologies
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Concurrent Session 1C - Clinical Service Delivery
Empowering Technology in Clinical Care
Vicki Plummer, Blue Care South West QLD Cluster

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Improving resident care outcomes
Andrew Pearce, Vixier

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Concurrent Session 1D - IT Fraud / Research / Internet of Everything
IT governance: the key to preventing and limiting IT fraud

Matthew Green and John Picot, Grant Thornton
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Independent living on WHIMS
Deepa Prabhu, University of Melbourne

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Desert Rose – A net zero energy dementia friendly sustainable home  
Federico Tartarini , University of Wollongong and
Peter Vogel, CTO, Vitalcare  
University of Wollongong are developing a comfortable, zero energy home that will include technologies to foster healthy ageing. Developed in collaboration with technology partner Vitalcare, the dementia friendly home will meet the changing needs of residents in spite of increasing physical and mental challenges, making extended ageing in place an affordable, comfortable option.
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