ITAC 2018


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10:30am - 12:30pm -  Aged Care Industry IT Council Board Meeting


Site visit – Experience Centre, Feros Care

Feros Care’s Experience Centre is a state-of-the-art technology hub devoted to the research, design and implementation of technologies for seniors and people with disability. The Experience Centre includes a:

  • Research laboratory where new technologies are rigorously tested and piloted by consumers to ensure products are the best in the market and most accessible and usable for clients.
  • Plug and Play Centre where clients and health professionals can look, touch, feel and experience exactly how the equipment works.
  • Knowledge centre that includes face to face and online workshops that can be accessed by health and aged care staff and services to build their knowledge, capability and interest in the use of smart and emerging technologies.
  • Virtual care team with our clinical staff remotely monitoring and supporting high-risk clients with chronic conditions
  • National warehouse and distribution centre for our Lifelink Smart Technology Service.

3:00pm Delegate Registration opens

6:00pm -  Welcome drinks and networking for delegates and exhibitors in Exhibition area - Hall 1


8:00am -  Delegate Registration opens

8:50am -  Introduction by MC – Arron Wood

Welcome Pat Sparrow, CEO, Aged & Community Services Australia

9:10am -  Plenary Session 1

Evolving Technology to Enhance the Future of Care 
Dr. Jordan Nguyen, Visionary writer and engineer whose life-changing work focuses on intelligent, futuristic and inclusive technology for the ageing and disability sectors.
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10:40am -  Plenary Session 2

Will robots and the impact of AI bring good or evil to the world? How will aged care fare? Will they improve care outcomes or create social isolation?

Increasing Social Engagement in Older Adults in Residential Aged Care using a socialisation robot 
Jennifer Lawrence , Chief Executive Officer, Brightwater Care Group 
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Navigating The Future with Driverless Technology

Winston Mitchell, IT Project Coordinator, Innovation Manager, IRT, John Vohradsky, Group Head of IT and Business Excellence, IRT; and Rick Fairchild, Director, Connected and Autonomous Mobility Programmes RDM Group, United Kingdom  
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Robots - helping your staff do what they do best - CARE 

Olaf Zalmstra, CEO, MiCare, VIC  
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Delivering a consumer focused lens with more personalised interaction and information  
Sean Tuckett, Industry Director, Technology One 
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12 noon -  Plenary Session 3  

My Health Record  
David O'Driscoll, Director - Innovation, Innovation & Development, Australian Digital Health Agency  
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HealthNow and healthcare tomorrow  
Tim Pegler, Consumer Health Specialist, Telstra Health  
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My Aged Care - opportunities to better integrate with industry 
Rajan Martin, Assistant Secretary My Aged Care Design and Delivery Branch, Aged Care Access and Quality, Department of Health 
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2:00pm -  Plenary Session 4 

Innovation through Design

An international comparison of technology utilisation in an aged care setting. Technology uptake in the Australian setting. How does it compare with other jurisdictions? How are other jurisdictions using differently?  
Professor Gregory Alexander, University of Missouri, Sinclair School of Nursing, USA  
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As good as it gets’ – overcoming the frustrations of health software with the help of an industry body  
Emma Hossack, President, Medical Software Industry Association  
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3:30pm -  Plenary Session 5

Developing  the Engaged Workforce of tomorrow – How technology is shaping culture, roles and functions

HR Transformation as a Driver of Cultural Change  
Campbell McGlynn, Manager, People & Culture, IRT  
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Creating a Workforce Certification Scheme     
Michael Maher, Chief Executive Officer, Aged Care Development Network  
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Technology Change Adoption across an Organisation  
Russell Mason, Chief Executive, Suncare Community Services Ltd  
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Q&A Session with above presenters

4:45pm -  Plenary Session 6

The Aged Care Technology Roadmap – Update and Evaluation  
Anne Livingstone, Lead, Project Management Team 
Gavin Tomlins, Member, Project Management Team  
Rod Young, Member, Project Management Team

5:05pm -  Close Day 1 – Arron Wood, MC

6:30pm - pre dinner drinks

Aged Care Industry IT Awards Gala Dinner
Gold Coast Convention Centre


7:30am -  Breakfast Session (by invitation only)

Navigating Digital Healthcare: Is the law keeping up?
Karen Keogh, Partner, TressCox Lawyers   

8:50am -  Introduction by MC – Arron Wood

9:00am -  Plenary Session 7

Technology in aged and dementia care  
Kate Swaffer, Chair, CEO and co-founder of Dementia Alliance International  
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10.30am - Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session A - Navigating Clinical Service Delivery, Researching the Future, Social Media in the Future

Information Technology-enabled innovation in residential and community aged care services  
Mikaela Jorgensen, Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University  
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Adding Value to Telemonitoring through Patient Education and Social Support by Group Videoconferencing  
Annie Banbury and Lynne Parkinson, Central Queensland University / Susan Nancarrow, Southern Cross University
Jared Dart, Bond University / Len Gray, University of Queensland / Daniel Chamberlain, La Trobe University

Are your Tweets in a row?  
Vanessa James-McPhee, TressCox Lawyers  
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Concurrent Session B - Future I.T Governance & Navigating I.T Fraud

Future I.T Governance - Community Care IT Enabled Business Transformation at Carrington Centennial Care  
Vicki Martins and Darren Gosling, Carrington Living Care Communities

Practical guide to IT project governance  
Craig Subocz, Russell Kennedy Lawyers  
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Human Elements account for 80% of all IT fraud, some say 100%  
Marc Niemes, Health XN  
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Could your aged care service survive if it lost $5000? $50,000? or $1 million overnight?  
Stuart Hutcheon, StewartBrown 
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Concurrent Session C - How to Navigate Big Data

Turning Big Data Chaos into Customer Experience Gold and More  
Lauren Todorovic, Aged Care Report Card

Is big data, the next big thing in Aged Care?  
Bruce Mullan, The Purpose Driven Group  
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An EXECUTIVE BRIEFING on artificial intelligence and machine learning  
Adam Jahnke, Umps Health  
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Next Generation Technology on Falls Prevention  
Steven Strange, Health Metrics  
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Concurrent Session D - Internet of Things in the Future

Technology Is Changing Aged Care – Introducing LiveCare360°   
George Lymbers, Thomas Holt  
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IoT Home and Health Gadgets, Gizmos and App's  
Sonja Bernhardt OAM, Thoughtware  
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Measuring food consumption and the NQ (Nutritional Quotient) in residential aged care  
Jo Cleary, Dining Experience Specialists  
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The 4th Industrial Revolution- How it is being utilised in day to day Care  
John Perkins, Checked in Care Pty Ltd  
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Concurrent Session E - Navigating the Future Workforce

Improving Client Outcomes and Gaining Organisational Efficiencies through Technology  
Vincent Lam, Illuminance Technologies  
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Could work be just one big game? The role of gamification in engaging aged care workers  
Allison Nikula, CareApp Group  

Kerrisdale Gardens Case Study- How the utilisation and integration of technology accommodates a service integrated housing RACF  
Scott Lawton, IT Integrity and Raelene Phillips, Good Shepherd Lodge  
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Concurrent Session F - The Future of Assistive Technologies

Learning Reablement in a Virtual World  
Tanya Petrovich, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic  
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Lifetec Australia Limited Personal location technologies- Supporting the uptake and utilisation of these technologies  
Desleigh De Jonge and Jayden Moore, Lifetec Australia Limited  
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Back to the Future of Assistive Living  
Michael Gadsden, SofiHub 

12.05pm -  Plenary Session 8

The Future is Better than you Think 
Dr Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter, Future Crunch  
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Will choosing an aged care facility become similar to choosing a holiday destination?
Consumer Directed Care (CDC): Integrating Hospitality into Healthcare 
George Lymbers, CIO, Thomas Holt and co-hosted by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. 

2.00pm -  Plenary Session 9

An electronic crystal ball? 
Can technology let us see into the future, making care proactive rather than reactive? 

Peter Vogel, Chief Technical Officer, Vitalcare

Big Data Analytics 
Phlippa Lewis, Chair, Elementum

Conference Close & Trade stand card draw announcements
Sean Rooney, CEO, Leading Age Services Australia



Aciitc CIO Steering Committee Meeting
Aciitc Home Care Steering Committee Meeting