ITAC 2018



10:00am - 4.30pm 
Site visit – Tonsley Innovation Precinct

The 2018 Tonsley Innovation Precinct site visit will expose participants to a range of different activities including:

  • Medical Devices Research Institute - developing new technologies
  • Global Centre for Modern Ageing - LifeLab @ Tonsley user experience and testing site
  • CotaSA Plug in Project
  • Flinders Digital Health Research Centre
  • Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation
  • Autonomous vehicle demonstration

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7.15am – 8.20am
Breakfast Session (by invitation only)

Delivering the network you need for the business performance you want
Bruce Reid, Head of Service Provider Partnerships, Vertel

8:00am -  Delegate Registration opens

8:45am -  Introduction by MC – Arron Wood

Welcome by Sean Rooney, CEO, Leading Age Services Australia

9:00am -  Plenary Session 1 - Cutting Edge Technology Leaders Who Will Inspire Delegates With Their Life Altering Technology Experiences

Innovating with Technology - from Social Media to Emerging Technology  
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Learn how to achieve success with Technology Innovation through out-thinking and out-executing rather than outspending.  
Peter Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Centre for the Edge  

Speaker introduction by sponsor - Emma Pate, General Manager - Australia, AlayaCare

From Napkin to Exit 
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Stevan’s inspiring story is a raw & honest insight into the life of a start-up, how a small team can achieve remarkable things, how to crystallise your purpose, how to take on the big boys and win, how to embrace innovation & disruption and how an inspired culture can make anything possible.
Stevan Premutico, Founder, me&u                                                                                                                 Sponsored by:  


11:00am -  Plenary Session 2 - Big Data Is Changing The World. Will It Impact Ageing and Disabilities?

Data, Automation & Interoperability Techniques that Deliver Actual Business Benefits 
Ash will explain how Aged Care Providers can implement data, automation & interoperability solutions that deliver actual business benefits. 
Ash Priest, Managing Partner, Novigi

Data - Connecting the Data to Monitor, Evaluate and Improve Care  
The Registry of Older South Australians’ (ROSA) aim is to improve the quality of ageing in Australia. This presentation introduces the ROSA framework, its capabilities, and its current projects. 
A/Prof Maria Inacio, PHD, Director, Healthy Ageing Research Consortium, Registry of Older South Australians (ROSA)

Big Data, meet Homecare: How artificial intelligence can help your clinicians prevent readmissions 
An exploration of how AI and machine learning can turn your homecare data into a rich source of insight for achieving better health outcomes. 
Adrian Schauer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, AlayaCare

Q & A Session


1:40pm -  Plenary Session 3 - Thinking Outside The Square - The Challenge

Rapid Ideation & Exploration Workshop  
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In this interactive workshop, participants will collectively explore ideas for new transformative technologies for the sector.  Modelled on the principles of the Medical Device Partnering Program, the session will rapidly harness the collective wisdom of participants and facilitate a process to consider the idea from multiple perspectives and identify a path forward.  Not only will participants get an insight into the methods used in early stage innovation, but they will also be inspired about the solutions they co-create.


  • Learn about the ideation process: testing an idea and its relevance in the market, understanding the impact of intellectual property rights, collaborating and brainstorming possible solutions, defining a focused path forward
  • Hear about the success of the Medical Device Partnering Program, an ideas incubator that brings together a range of collaborators
  • Explore technology ideas: it may be a new way of monitoring an individual's health status in the home, a new means of communicating with family or carers, an efficient system for service delivery, or even a device that empowers independence.

Expectations of Participants

  • You can contribute your idea or problem: prior to the session you have the opportunity to submit an idea. We’ll select the best ideas and explore a different idea at each table.
  • Bring your thoughts and your enthusiasm: you will be collaborating with other participants at your table.
  • Be open-minded: diversity of opinions and expertise are valued. 

Professor Karen Reynolds, Director, Medical Device Research Institute and Medical Device Partnering Program 


3:30pm -  Plenary Session 4 - Technological Innovation Is Driving Innovation In Services Delivery

5G Enhanced Capabilities for Health and Aged Care
New 5th Generation mobile networks - or 5G - will bring enhanced capabilities to the health and aged care sectors
Andrew Scott, Head of Technology, Chief Technology Office & Innovation | Technology Innovation and Strategy | Telstra Corporation    

The Future of My Aged Care 
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Exploring the technological possibilities for enhancing the single access point to aged care.
Val Spencer, Assistant Secretary, Aged Care Access Branch, Department of Health 

Collaboration now trumps Innovation. How a service provider and a start-up brought to market technology that people actually wanted to use      
Adam’s presentation will draw on learnings from Umps Health’s partnership with Mercy Health to outline how service providers and start-ups can innovate without compromising client outcomes.  
Adam Jahnke, Co-Founder & CEO, Umps Health

Integrating My Health Record into care delivery   
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The presentation will explore how health professionals in a rural community of 950 people embraced digital technology to integrate the local general practice, pharmacy, Amaroo Aged Care, and Berrigan Multipurpose Service to provide improved health care access to the community.  
Andrea O'Neill, General Manager, Berrigan and District Aged Care Association     

ITAC 2016 Major Award Winner BaptistCare - Reflections on the Journey 
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BaptistCare was awarded the best consumer-friendly product award and the overall winner award at the 2016 ITAC Awards for their online innovation in response to CDC changes in the home care industry. Two years on, reflections, achievements, benefits and insights will be shared. 
Benjamin Galea, Group Marketing Manager and Daniel Pettman, Chief Information Officer, BaptistCare

Q & A Session 

5:15pm -  Close Day 1 – Arron Wood, MC

7:00pm - pre dinner drinks

Aged Care Industry IT Awards Gala Dinner                                           Sponsored by:   
Adelaide Convention Centre


8:25am -  
Introduction by MC – Arron Wood

8:30am -  Plenary Session 5 - Changing The World Through Technological Innovation

Turning a company around through the deployment of smart technology. A real world example of what can be achieved 
Learn about our fundamental period of change that transformed the company and positioned us for future growth.
Richard Vaughn, General Manager, Zipform  

Living Labs accelerating innovations with users  

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Learn how societies and people will benefit from the emerging new technologies, such as big data, blockchain and self-driving vehicles in a Living Lab
Veera Mustonen, Executive Director, Global Centre for Modern Ageing – LifeLab @ Tonsley

Plenary Session 6 - Blockchain - What Is It And Is There A Role For Blockchain In The Care Service Environment?

Introduction to Blockchain  
A primer on blockchain.  What is it?  Why are people interested in it? What can it be used for? What do I need to know?  
Rob Hanson, Senior Research Consultant, CSIRO's Data 61    

Why healthcare doesn't need blockchain
There has been a lot of hype around blockchain, particularly it’s potential to secure data access and financial transactions across all industries. But does healthcare need blockchain? Can it solve healthcare challenges related to the fragmentation of information? A different point-of-view on the practical use of blockchain in healthcare and how it isn’t necessarily what we need right now.
David Paré, Chief Technology Officer - Healthcare & Life Sciences, DXC Healthcare Australia & New Zealand  

Q & A Session


11.00am - Concurrent Sessions


Back to the Future, How Voice Assistant and chatbots are impacting frontline care  
Hi I am a chatbot, OK Google, Siri want's to let Alexa know about my health. What are the frontline care impacts.

Marc Niemes, Executive Producer, Kontent Labs

Cloud Transformation Driving the Modern Workplace  
Find out how integratedliving has harnessed the modern workplace to undertake a cloud transformation and enable true enterprise mobility across their nationwide workforce of over 1,200 staff. 
Neven Karac, General Manager - Client Relationships, CSA and Leon Wright, Modern Workplace Lead, Microsoft

The key to winning the workforce competition  
The biggest workforce issue for the aged care industry is achieving a sustainable and appropriately skilled workforce. This session will overview this issue and look at the digital solution.  
Michael Maher, CEO, Aged Care Development Network 


Changing Landscapes – Standards – what do providers say about technology and its role in all this?  
There are less differences than we think between countries and technological advances used to support health and aged care, where professional and quality standards are similar - but what are these innovations?

Caroline Lee, Director & Executive Officer and Amanda Jones Senior Consultant / Training Manager, Leecare Solutions

The API standard you'll ask for in 2020 
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Rethinking Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for a modern software environment means rethinking long-held best-practice. Cracks are starting to appear in the gold-standard; REST API architecture. We look at what's next.  
Sean Williams, Founder, Inerva

Co- Designing our Technology Enhanced Smart Home Future - The Reality Show 
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Anne Livingstone, Community Resourcing and Dr Eleanor Horton, Senior Lecturer, Nursing, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, University of the Sunshine Coast  


Flinders Assistants for Memory Enhancement 
The Flinders Assistant for Memory Enhancement is a tablet-based software application providing contacts and diary functions for early stage memory loss users, in via a simple interface.
Professor Anthony Maeder, Professor of Digital Health Systems
& Co-Director, Flinders Digital Health Research Centre, Flinders University 

FOCUS revisited: How has an ITAC 2016 award winner evolved and is it delivering for consumers  
Care Connect’s internally developed “FOCUS” was awarded “Best Aged Care software development/deployment”. It was designed to enable consumers to co-design a care plan, select personalised services to thrive in CDC.

Paul Ostrowski, Chief Executive Office, Care Connect

Making Virtual Reality a Reality 
Virtual Reality - a technological solution looking for a problem to solve, or a real breakthrough in reablement? A clinical 'first principles' approach to the potential of VR.

Steve Pretzel, CEO, TADWA

The pesky TLAs (three letter acronyms) that will define your Aged Care future 
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There's an uncomfortable reality in aged care. Your network isn't up to it. Revealing the new thinking required to get the network you need for the business performance you want.

Bruce Reid, Head of Service Provider Partnerships, Vertel


Invite your customers into Business Transformation 
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Resthaven Incorporated, a leading South Australian aged care service provider, will share the major business transformation underway. It is centred on enhancing the customer experience and underpinned by consumer choice.

David Norton, Executive Manager Finance and Corporate Services, Resthaven

Supporting In Home Aged Care: How innovative technology can lead to significant gains in lone aged care worker safety and risk mitigation 
Travis will discuss safety challenges regarding aggressive behaviours, additional risks facing lone workers, key features of next generation lone worker safety solutions, and common roadblocks of implementing technology based solutions.
Travis Holland, Managing Director, Holland Thomas

Design led innovation - creating safe environments for electronic sharing of prescriptions and medication charts in aged care homes 
This presentation aims to give insight to the safety elements of electronic systems and the design-led innovation approach which offers solutions to the problems which challenge healthcare professionals in RACFs. 
Gerard Stevens, Managing Director, Webstercare


1.30pm -  Plenary Session 7 - As The World Ages Can Other Systems Inform Our Future?

International Comparisons of Technology Deployment in various jurisdictions, including Singapore, United Kingdom, China and New Zealand  
There are less differences than we think between countries and technological advances used to support health and aged care, where professional and quality standards are similar - but what are these innovations?  
Caroline Lee, Director, Leecare 

Not all clouds are created equal! SaaS vs Hosting - why it matters and how to ensure you make the right decision for your organisation 
Understand the benefits of SaaS over hosted software solutions, learn how to differentiate the two, and discover a list of practical questions that you can ask cloud providers to find out exactly what type of service they are offering.
James Wishart, Industry Director, TechnologyOne  

2.00pm - Plenary Session 8 - Transforming Independence In The Disability Space 

Human Services and the Digital Age - a future yet to be realised   
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Bringing together the changing face of human services and the reality of a digital world to realise optimal customer experience and business sustainability 
Lorna Worthington, Managing Director, Baker Worthington Pty Ltd 

The Australian National Equipment Database - supporting Assistive Technology (AT) choices 
permission to share presentation not provided provides a critical link to support people in locating and understanding available options and the potential benefits of Assistive Technology 
Francine Snadden, Strategic Projects Manager, Independent Living Centre WA

A Day in the Life of David Woodbridge. How Main Stream and Assistive Technology helps throughout the Day  
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In this presentation, I will bring together all the various types of technology that I use from a whole range of different brand names, from the obvious such as Apple or Google, to the not so well known such as Sensibo. As a person who is blind, having access to a range of technology solutions to “get things done” is essential. I try and take the best from various brand names to hopefully in the end give me the daily experience of being fully independent that I require.
David Woodbridge, Access Technology Technical Lead, Vision Australia 

Q & A Session 

Exhibitor Prize Draws

Closing by Pat Sparrow, CEO, Aged & Community Services Australia

MC - Conference Close